Beware of Geek

There’s a report out of the Los Angeles area that a lawsuit has been filed against Best Buy and their Geek Squad by a young woman and her mother, after a Geek dispatched to their house allegedly used a cell phone to record video of the 22-year old woman showering.

Hao Kuo Chi has been arrested on suspicion of using a camera to view a person without their consent, and of annoying or molesting a child under 18. Chi is alleged to have also placed the camera phone in the bedroom of the woman’s younger sister, who is 13.

Wired has more on the story, which they have dubbed the “Peek Squad” incident.

Now, this is an unfortunate situation, and Mr. Chi is certainly an isolated case, assuming the charges are legitimate. Geek Squad is very careful about screening its techs, but incidents like this are likely to happen when a giant, faceless corporation tries to implement the “personal touch” required for our sort of business. When you invite us, whether Geek or Wizard, into your home, trust is our most valuable asset. We are nothing without it.